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The 2-in-1 Labelly Printers Bundle

The 2-in-1 Labelly Printers Bundle

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The Labelly Machine Colour
The Mini-Labelly Machine Colour


Our Labelly Printers Bundle 🖨️

Both printers all-in-one bundle + 2x free label rolls!


When you invest in the Labelly Printers Bundle, you gain the power of two incredible label printers in one convenient package as well as 390 free labels included.

Seamlessly switch between the large Labelly for personal labelling and product packaging projects and the Mini-Labelly for your business operations. With both printers at your disposal, you can effortlessly take control of your entire labelling process, from home organization to shipping and inventory management for your business.

You will get:

The Labelly Printer - Versatile and Stylish Labelling Made Easy

The Labelly printer is a compact and sleek device that is both user-friendly and powerful. It offers a wide range of label sizes, allowing you to customize labels for various purposes, from organizing your kitchen and kids' belongings to labelling your craft projects.

With its intuitive mobile app, you can design personalized labels with ease, incorporating text, graphics, and even QR codes. The Labelly's thermal printing technology ensures sharp and clear labels without the need for messy ink or toner. Effortlessly print shipping labels, address labels, name tags, and more to simplify your daily tasks.

Plus The Mini-Labelly Printer - Elevate Your Business Labelling Game

The Mini-Labelly Printer is your ultimate tool for precision labelling in a business environment. It is designed to meet the demands of small businesses, enabling you to streamline your operations and enhance your professional image.

The Mini-Labelly is a workhorse for your shipping and inventory needs, allowing you to print barcodes, product labels, and shipping labels with speed and accuracy. Its high-resolution printing ensures that your labels are crisp, professional, and stand out to impress clients and customers.


✅ Fast, Ink-less Printing: Our printer is completely ink-less! Made possible by using direct thermal printing technology, which means that it prints onto heat-sensitive label paper without the need for ink or toner cartridges. Way to save a buck or two! 

✅ Multi-functional: Not only do you get all the control to customize and print labels the way you want to, but you also have the option to use the free templates, borders and designs that are pre-installed on the app, making it possible for you to get really creative and design cool labels.

✅ Wireless and portable: With its compact size and lightweight design, it's easy to take the printer with you wherever you go. It is also completely wireless, connecting to your phone via Bluetooth ,making it easy to print labels on the go.


✅ Cost-Effective Solution: Save money by printing labels in-house instead of outsourcing to print shops. It's efficient, fast, and reliable!

Compatible with a much wider range of label sizes and designs, you can create labels for everything from your business products to your personal items using the both machine.

Overall, the printer is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to label things quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. With its user-friendly design, high-quality printing, and versatile features, it's a must-have for businesses, individuals, and anyone in between!

This includes:

🖨️ The Labelly Machine (Choose Your Preferred Colour)

🖨️ The Mini-Labelly Machine (Choose Your Preferred Colour)

🏷️ Medium Standard White Label Rolls Pre-Installed in the machine (230 labels)

🏷️ Standard White Mini-Labels Pre-Installed in the machine (160 labels)

🔌 2x Charging Cable and Instruction Manual 


Free Shipping to your door anywhere in South Africa 🚚 

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